Numbers not Math is Odile Postic’s undergraduate thesis film she produced during the final 2 years of her scholarship at VCUart’s Kinetic Imaging and Art History departments. It manifests itself through paintings, writings, and performance and culminates in a 16 minute short film.

Through the familiar frame of pedagogy, Numbers not Math both dissects and participates in the canon of religious female iconography and the Jungian theory of our collective unconscious. The film scrutinizes the new age mindfulness movement, institutional critique, neoliberalism and the founding principles of conceptual art.

The artist’s inspiration comes from commercials, thier pagan roots, and how they preserve our collective conception of physical and mental intactness. The subject matter of Odile’s thesis is also greatly influenced by the writings of Camille Paglia, Stéphane Mallarmé and Melanie Klein.

Stills from Numbers Not Math