Georgie is a 3D animated film following the travels of a character named Georgie. With this piece I wanted to demonstrate the role that legacy plays in our perceptions of mortality and especially how these perceptions have evolved with the advent of technology and the dematerialization of information. The way we interpret existence if often based on the degradation of our inanimate surroundings. For example, from our human vantage point, we can observe the decay of some foods yet it would be impossible to literally observe the impact that materials like plastic bags have on our environment. Similarly, we can now upload images and videos to file sharing networks that are intended to exist infinitely. In this way, we have successfully immortalized aspects of the self that had since been vulnerable to the physicality they have existed in, like books and newspapers. The dematerialization of information has the potential to influence the thoughts we have about our own existence and finality. I wanted to create a character so consumed by the existential dread associated with death that he finds unusual and symbolic ways of coping with that dread. Georgie copes with the discovery of his finitude by framing his identity around his most precious objects.