American Psychic (2021)

Having financial support from your parents is a lot like indoor skydiving. The material requirements greatly differ from actual skydiving. You need an engineer behind the contraption. You need the promise of safety. Most importantly you need to produce a sensation within the subject that mimics profound experience. This is important because the subject believes the activity to be a kind of calibration back into the body. Like a fully-automated carwash, to account for the absence of labour, the subject needs to believe they are the primary facilitator of the experience.

In order of commodify experience, the subject needs to believe that the present moment has divine properties. And that this is especially true if the present moment comes directly after the signing of safety waivers.

The foundational desire to try indoor skydiving is a profound emptiness.
the reenactment of a failed suicide attempt


-the Diamond is considered the soul trapping crystal, it sucks all of the life out of the people around it

-Is that true?

-Yes, i’m certain

-But you have no science to back it up


I don't want to live in a world where Hyraxes are the closest living relative to Elephants because If I did I would live in a world where nothing I looked at made any sense. I bet they say in their journals and books that we aren’t related to dolphins. Yet I can look in the eyes of a dolphin and know that isn’t true.

And you can find a bathtub or a swimming pool. You can go underwater until the water leaps against your eardrums. Until you don’t feel real. Until you feel like the aquatic ape theorist you were born to be.

-Native americans couldn’t see the boats of their colonizers
Because it was something outside of their understanding

-you can’t say shit like that, do you realize how fucked up that sounds?

-i can’t imagine how. there are primary sources saying so. In their language, they didn’t have a word for boats like those.

- But there were things outside of the colonizers understanding

That they also couldn’t see because they’d never experienced it

- okay well that is most definitely a straw man.


Now we’re all going to suffer because you all didn’t take the aquatic ape hypothesis seriously. It’s just like the crash test dummies all being modeled after men. You couldn’t take a single instant to look away from your phrenology textbooks and imagine a different origin story. not for a single instant.
Because that would’ve meant a lot of revising. And you can’t look behind you, heaven forbid we retrace our steps and sift through the sand to find scat.
You can’t look behind you because you’re the leader and the leader never looks back. Only gangbangers do that.


If English is the language of poets, what is a sequence of DNA?

what type of language is used in a punnet square?